Homeschooling: Where do I start?

Homeschooling is really about intentional, focused parenting. What do we reeeeeaaaally want our kids to be? Great people. Excellent people. Who do I want to be? The mama who helped the best I could. You know those jobs that require you to keep going to workshops, getting education, certificates, titles? Yeah, most of them! Well parenting isn’t really that different. We can choose to continue educating ourselves on how to parent, how to communicate, how to have a great marriage, how to respect our sons and treasure our daughters. We can choose to invest in our kids so whatever degree we like. Parenting is a job and I choose to keep seeking how to do it to the best of my ability. Part of this seeking to taking time and space to know myself so I may be the truest ME, the truest Mama, for each of them. Another part of that is continuing to learn.

Check out these books first if you are someone who wants to intentionally parent and love it!

Homeschool: Starter books


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