Why the “Inquiring Family”?

Why write Inquiring Family as a title?

Inquire means “to seek… to make investigation…to seek to learn information.”

Can you imagine what one family with 8 lively, beautiful, opinionated people do when they spend a WHOLE lot of time together? We seek and investigate!

That is what this blog is about.


Seeking in all aspects of life.

The thing with seeking is, it is never really totally absolutely final. One seeking question may lead to an answer, but maybe to another question, another investigation, another whole new topic. And THIS is what living simply has allowed us to do.

The Year 2008: Cadence 6, Wyatt 10 months, Eli 4

I didn’t believe it when I first started making life changes. I wondered how this mama, broken and normal, grace-laden and imperfect, would ever influence-rightly the minds of my growing children by venturing into homeschooling. Yet, I felt that constant, persistent inner nudge (I call it the Holy Spirit, but Woody and Buzz LightYear call it your inner voice). I knew that the next step, for now, was not only to homeschool, but to S L O W down life. I took a second grader and a kindergartener out of public school and jumped into the vast uncertainty of schooling at home.

December 2019
Cadence 17, Eli 15, Wyatt 12, Ezra 10, Nora 6, Seth 3

That was 2010. This year, 2020, my husband Benjamin and I graduate our first son, Cadence. We said every year that we will just see how it goes, do what is best for this year. Every year, schooling at home was still the best choice. But as time went on, it was less about what curriculum or method we DID at home and more about the home environment… the mission and purpose of our family. This was not something I could have figured all out 10 years ago. Our family has grown together in the oodles of hours spent together. We have grown to SIX kids now, ages 4-18. As Benjamin and I have sought not only to know our kids, we have sought to know ourselves and God. This seeking is the first step in all the steps life will take us. Can I simply teach my kids to SEEK to be “successful”? Seek the answer to that math problem, seek the best next book, seek the recipe, the dishcloth, the story behind the First Americans, seek the face of God, seek what inspires, what leads, what nourishes, what feeds, what pulls your heart, what sparks your mind. 

JUST SEEK! And never stop.

So that is what this blog is about. All our simple seeking. Maybe it will inspire your seeking too? 

Thank you for reading this blog, if only for a minute or for a few hours.

You are welcome here. We are normal, simple people who truly seek.