Inspiring Plant-Based Foods!

Mexican Chili

Mexican croc-pot chili – this only feeds us one night (served on rice or corn bread) so I had another croc in the frig for tomorrow. Same dish, cook it again tomorrow.

From 100 pounds of strawberries, to sourdough bread, to huge bowls of plant-love, to garden veggies, to cooking up foraged chicken-of-the-woods mushroom (thank you lost and lonely Northern Michigan forest for this offering) – we try hard to make eating LOTS plants wonderful. I have to feed 6 big, active kids and one hungry husband, hopefully having left-overs for another day. And truly, I love to eat too. So I cook in mass.

June Berries

June Strawberries from a local farm

Good ‘ol Jam. Thanks you chia seeds for helping me thicken it all up! Still, it was runny. I am not a great jam maker.


Sourdough. Love it. relatively easy to do in mass.


My son wanted an “appetizer” dinner for his birthday meal!


15 pounds of chicken-of-the-woods!


Zucchini Boats with mashed white beans. Yes, really! My 4 year old liked it. Thyme is the secret.


Brussel Sprout Love. How do kids eat it? The sprouts are FRESH. Like, from the farmer at the market fresh and we ate it that day. THAT is the key to good sprouts. Plus, saute them well, with garlic, eh?


Spring Rolls. Another birthday food favorite.


As many veggies from my garden in one bowl DISH. Or, “Garden Dump” dish!


Basil pasta. Another garden dump dish! Looks like 2/3 of this bowl are eaten.



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